Lighting and LED Installation Services


A significant amount of energy can be saved by upgrading an old lighting system to a newer, more efficient one. An upgraded lighting system will decrease energy costs and increase lighting quality at the same time. Energy-efficient lighting fixtures will actually pay for themselves in reduced energy costs and continue saving money long into the future. Although there is an initial investment put into the system, the long-term return on investment will be significant.

DeLorenzo Electric can keep you out of the dark without the hassle of constantly  calling for the replacement of burned-out lamps and ballasts, or the replacement of lighting fixtures. Our Lighting Maintenance programs are the best way to maintain your high level of safety and productivity.

DeLorenzo Electric can deliver a  lighting maintenance programs to meet your company’s schedule and budget. Our retail customers have identified that maintained lighting correlates directly to increased business after dark, thus, making lighting maintenance a strategic sales tool as well as a good maintenance idea.

We also offer LED Lighting installations as well, contact us now for more information!